Trooper is a very affectionate cat. She is very loyal and will want to snuggle. She was bottle fed as a kitten and quite friendly to both owner and strangers. She is about 11 pounds currently and 6yrs old. She will follow you around the house and lay down (sometimes on you) in whatever room you are in. She has the bluer eyes and just a few hairs on the tip of her tail are white. Both her and Mi...
Misty (spayed) is an affectionate cat that loves to snuggle. She is a sister to Trooper, and a little smaller (7-8 pounds). She is quite precious. She was bottle fed as a kitten and loves to be around humans. Neither cat really goes into hiding. If they are "hiding", it is in plain sight, on top of the refrigerator, on a bed in the spare room. They like being in the same room as you.
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